Johannes Müller

War- & Conflict-Photographer

Traces Of Hope

Johannes Müller, born in Norway in 1975, has worked as a freelance conflict photographer since 2011. On his own or as an embedded journalist with UN Blue Helmets, NATO, US Army or German Bundeswehr, he covered active conflicts such as Afghanistan, KRG, Iraq and Mali.

Johannes believes in the good, the considerate, the reflected perspective and what it can do. Or what it can prevent from happening: Ignorance being emphasized by few and shared by many. He hunts positive stories without blending out the cruel and brutal aspects of life in conflict areas and combat theaters as he thinks that this world needs more positive impulses by media and word-of-mouth in order to keep faith in humanity. This is why his photography is all about human resilience and traces of hope beyond conflict, independently from the actual mainstream media interest.

Money that Ihe receives for international exhibitions, lectures and speeches is donated to NGOs that he personally knows from the ground.

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