Marcus John Henry Brown

Performance Artist

Marcus John Henry Brown is a performance artist based in Munich. Born the son of lorry driving Scotsman, Marcus moved to Germany in 1993 having studied Art & Social context at Dartington College of Arts. He has over 25 years of professional communications experience and splits his time between mentoring young creatives, answering questions about the future for brands and creating performance art that hacks business contexts. He has created a series of critically acclaimed performances that look at the relationships between and impact of technology, culture and commerce on society.

About his work

Marcus’ performances feel and look like keynotes. They have been specifically created for festival and conferences stages which is why Marcus calls them performance hacks. The content: the visuals, the framing, the sound, the text and Marcus’ performance hacks the conference format and has a greater impact on the audience. They confront, polarise and excite.

Full list of Performances

The Snowdon Pitch (2014), Berlin

Purpose of Entry (Berlin, 2015), Berlin

The Parallel (Berlin, 2015), Berlin

Love, The Machine, and The Ghost (Berlin, 2017), Berlin

Zombie Apocalypse and other peak pixel fantasies (2017), Bournemouth

The Passing Trilogy

The Passing (2017) – Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague, Bournemouth, Munich, London, Hamburg

The Sensorium Process (2018) Munich, Graz, London

FLEX (2019), Berlin, Madrid

Works Of Antagonism Series

Part 1: CHEMISTRY (2019), Munich

Part 2: CONTROL (2019), Zürich

A Wicked Pack Of Cards (Premieres in Berlin 2020)
A performance based upon T.S. Eliot’s epic poem The Wasteland. It features film, live performance, deep fakery, music and a wicked deck of cards. It is an exercise in urgency. The performance is a ritual, a modern-day liturgy for the techno-heathens. It is based on this poem.

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